How it works

Healthcare providers and medical companies are at risk from expense fraud, waste, and abuse. Learn about how Validu can protect you!
Compliance obedience, important or not?


Could you be exposed to compliance compromise?


Compliance failures can be costly to both the bottom line and corporate reputation. Compliance can be challenging to enforce, Validu offers organizational vigilance and security protection from fraud, waste, and abuse.


Learn about where compliance matters! Find useful information related to expense fraud, waste, and abuse. Discover just how costly expense vulnerability can be!


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why us

Is compliance a priority for you? Validu security goes beyond simple data analytics to change behavior before it becomes a detectible trend.

Validu monitors events and offers compliance security while reducing or eliminating expense fraud, waste, and abuse.  It does so by automating compliance auditing via onsite event participant screening that utilizes unique attendee verification technology.

Validu is driven by three tenets, integrity, innovation, and involvement. Integrity in promoting business integrity and compliant conduct.  Innovation in discovering new solutions for  evolving expense related compliance challenges.  Involvement in our communities to promote positive human welfare and wellbeing.

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