Real time event monitoring for compliance security



Are all your customer engagements with representatives being monitored? 

The answer is very often NO.  Auditing this type of information can be extremely costly to an organization and are often ineffective. The reason retroactive audits produce such little value is due to the labor intensive screening of each individual activity to find compliance compromises. Validu was built to address just that! Validu acts as a pocket compliance and auditing tool designed to monitor all events in real time.

Validu Features

  • Validu provides realtime customer event monitoring
  • Validu’s patent pending technology is the first proactive compliance monitoring tool available for use domestic and international events
  • Attendees are authenticated via photo, signature and/or proprietary, secure fingerprint template identification software
  • Validu to work in real-time with the representative. This means each expensed customer event will be documented within the framework of a living attendance and expense monitoring application
  • Validu software also provides date/time/GPS/receipt image stamped flattened PDF logs for validated event participants that can be directly emailed to any reporting corporate repository

From the President

Validu exists to change expense reporting conduct.  Validu eliminates expense fraud, waste, and abuse. It does so by auditing event participants via fingerprint, photo, or signature identity verification.

Validu is driven by three tenets:  integrity, innovation, and involvement.

Integrity in promoting good business practice and conduct.

Innovation in continually looking for imaginative solutions to evolving compliance problems.

Involvement in our communities to enhance human welfare.


"Integrity only matters, if you handle the matters of integrity with poise"

MK, Founder / CEO


Our mission & values


Validu strives for innovative solutions to the evolving problems in expense compliance reporting


Validu is devoted to giving back to our local Michigan communities and those nationally who need support.


Validu was founded on integrity. A virtue rooted in doing the right thing and operating ethically.