About Us

Are your employees documenting and reporting accurately

The answer is often NO, or maybe you're not sure.  Auditing every customer engagement is near impossible because there's no way to qualify the information employees report about attendance, date, time, or location.  Auditing this type of information can be costly and is often time consuming and ineffective. Even with the ability to audit every transaction, audits are all based on data that could be fraudulently reported making it hard to detect fraud even with sophisticated AI systems.  

So why not do something different?  Validu is the first Mobile Event Verification solution that can monitor every event your employees conduct anywhere in the world!

You know what happens when it's happening!

Our research has shown that employees not only know this behavior is occurring, there's very little fear of being caught.  

Validu is as a mobile monitoring tool designed to verify the who, when, and where for every event conducted.  Our second development priority was to provide our customers with a detailed report about every event conducted utilizing our technology.  So we developed the Validu prospectus which is an event report that it emailed directly to the organization and reporting employee for a fraud free documentation trail of each event. 

Validu Features

  • Mobile Event Management


  • Validu’s patent pending technology is the first mobile event verification software for domestic and international oversight


  • Event attendees are authenticated via in-app photo capture, electronic signature, or secure biometric social signature 


  • Validu works in real-time. This means each customer event will be documented within the framework of a living attendance and data monitoring application


  • Validated event report with a receipt image and event notes in the form of a flattened PDF document that's emailed directly to the employee and company administrator.


  • There's no hardware, no training required, and no long term commitments


  • Validu is available every hour of every day to verify ALL event data for every employee around the world


From the President

Our mission - Provide Mobile Event Verification (MEV) technology to verify and enhance customer interactions! Validu does so by providing real time, verified, oversight and documentation for every event conducted anytime, anywhere in the world!

Throughout my career I've been privy to multiple fractures in compliance monitoring capabilities.  To provide a better solution than traditional paper documentation and lengthy retroactive audits, we designed a very cost effective and efficient solution to automate event monitoring and documentation.


"Integrity only matters, if you handle the matters of integrity with poise"

MK, Founder / CEO


Our Values


Validu strives for innovative solutions to the evolving problems in expense compliance reporting


Validu is devoted to giving back to our local communities and those nationally that need support.


Validu was founded on integrity. A virtue rooted in doing the right thing and operating ethically.