Validu Mission

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Validu Mission

Validu Mission

Our mission is simple - we want to eliminate risk associated with non compliant or fraudulent documentation and reporting associated with customer engagements. Our solution is delivered through a mobile event monitoring application that ensures compliance and accurate reporting. It does so by automating event monitoring with onsite participant registration, event time, date, and location data.

Why us?

The answer is simple, Validu is the only proactive mobile monitoring technology available ensure compliance and accurate event reporting. Our bandwidth is capable of monitoring every customer engagement, anytime, anywhere in the world. Validu is available without having to buy hardware, conduct employee training, or commit to a long term contract. Validu is a download and go platform giving you access to real time monitoring in less than 24 hours.

3 Founding Pillars

1. Integrity: Integrity in everything we do

2. Innovation: Innovation in everything we build

3. Involvement: Involvement in every community we can