Validu Mission

validu-logo_finalIs your expense program offense or defense?


Validu Mission

Validu MIssion

Validu provides event monitoring for expense reporting compliance to reduce or eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse. It does so by automating compliance auditing via onsite participant verification and event time, date, and location details. Validu is the first and only preventative compliance solution available.

Why us?

The answer is simple, Validu is the only proactive way to prevent expense reporting fraud, waste, and abuse. Historically backend analytics, AI, or sample audits have uncovered fraudulent behavior. However, Validu provides true AI (Actual Intelligence) which eliminates the opportunity for fraud to exist.

3 Founding Pillars

1. Integrity: Integrity in everything we do

2. Innovation: Innovation in everything we build

3. Involvement: Involvement in every community we can