We exercise to strengthen and fortify our bodies to better handle the daily rigor of life with more energy and mental clarity. By doing this we prepare ourselves to navigate the obstacles of life with increased stability and endurance....but to reap the most reward we have to be proactive. Much like an insurance policy, taking preventative measures will fortify your chances of weathering any turbulence in the strongest way possible.

Have you fortified your business yet? There are numerous aggressors on your business - its the nature of the beast - so how can you truly stabilize, how can you strengthen, how can you ensure your company transactions are documented and available at a moments notice? Concur recently released an article detailing the new meal and entertainment tax rules. Tax claims and deduction options are changing and severely limiting business expenditures. You need to be prepared, and "CYA" before there is a problem by tracking your company expenditures and verifying attendees every single time proof of compliance would be necessary. You will have a backlog available, as well as, access in real time of all data relative to meetings and events where Validu is used.

You see, when we are healthy on the inside we are stronger and more vibrant. That strength can carry us above and beyond our imagination, and what business doesn't want to go further? Validu will prove its worth as a 'health and wellness' asset to your company's infrastructure to preventing fraud, waste, and abuse. Protect your reputation, protect your bottom line.



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