Open Payments Hasn’t Been a Perfect Science…..Validu Can Help Change That

According to an article covering a recent  audit  by the Office of Inspector General, "The Open Payments database needs to improve the accuracy, precision and consistency of some of its data to ensure doctor financial transparency and help consumers better use the information." 

Under the Sunshine Act there have undoubtedly been major strides, but there is still much room for fine tuning. 

The article goes on to explain, "Developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Open Payments website is meant as an online resource to help consumers better understand the financial relationships between physicians and drug and medical device companies. Under the Sunshine Act, the industry is required to report financial interactions with individual physicians to CMS, which the agency makes public through its program."

"The transparency of the Open Payments program reveals the nature and extent of these relationships and has the potential to discourage the development of inappropriate financial relationships,” according to the OIG. “However, the program can benefit the public only if the data reported are complete and accurate.”

The tracking and real-time accessibility of this very data has recently been made possible with the proprietary software that is the very core of Validu. With the ability to deliver verified or “clean” event data, Validu is the answer to this very problem. Offering immediate integration following a simple download to your current handheld device, your result is real-time event verification accessibility. Validu is the event monitoring tool that can not only stand alone as a data tracking and verification program, it can easily supplement and enhance any current auditing system with the ability to validate individuals and event details including date, time, and GPS location stamp. Validu is pioneering the first EVS (Event Verification Software) enabling companies to know what happens, when it happens and who it’s happening with.


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