How Validu Works

Mobile Compliance Monitoring - Simplified

Validu provides customer engagement monitoring. Validu does not require any additional hardware or any setup whatsoever. Validu automates the monitoring process to validate event participation via index print signature, photo identification, or written signature verification. Upon event completion Validu provides a GPS location, date, and time stamped event prospectus for the highest level of event documentation available. We monitor so you don't have to!

Validu has been designed to enhance ethical business practice through real-time representative oversight.  Validu will be your representatives mobile monitoring solution that provides oversight into every customer meeting, anytime, anywhere.

It's as simple as 1-2-3

  1.  Representatives starts the event
  2. Attendees sign in via photo, written signature, or index print signature to the event
  3. Complete event and email GPS, date, time stamped report to expense reconciliation inbox.



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