How Validu Works


 Corporate Partners

Validu provides customer engagement monitoring to reduce or eliminate expense reporting fraud, waste, and abuse.  It does so by automating the monitoring process to validate onsite event participation via print, photo identification, or signature identification.  Upon event completion Validu provides a GPS location, date, and time stamped event prospectus.

Validu has been designed to enhance ethical business practice through real-time representative oversight.  Validu will be your representatives "pocket compliance officer" that provides oversight into every customer meeting, anytime, anywhere.

Healthcare Professionals

The Sunshine Act was created to enhance transparency in reporting and strengthen ethical conduct between medical companies and healthcare providers.  The American medical Association has provided guidance activity monitoring .  Validu was designed to protect healthcare providers along with medical vendors from fraudulent reporting activity.  currently monitoring transfer of values expenditures can be time-consuming, inefficient, and challenging to over turn once it has been posted on CMS Open Payments.  Let Validu do the monitoring for you, security from fraudulent reporting is only a couple steps away!


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