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VALIDU Medical

Currently, there's no way to truly know if representatives are conducting bonafide expense events with healthcare providers. Validu for medical eliminates physician bribery through expense programs. Validu provides a (GPS, time, date stamp) prospectus for validated event participants who attend medical events.

VALIDU Healthcare Provider

Currently, there's no way to know what is being reported on a healthcare providers behalf without intensive ongoing vigilance. Validu for healthcare providers eliminates fraudulent vendor expense reporting at NO COST TO THE PROVIDER. Fraudulent reporting can impact integrity and reputation, Validu eliminates vendors opportunity to falsify reporting.

VALIDU Automotive

Validu for automotive provides attendance verification for conventions, entertainment events, and corporate training. Validu has the ability to track and screen tradeshow participants and expense related event attendees.

Service benefits

Validu provides expense reporting compliance security while reducing or eliminating expense fraud, waste, and abuse.  It does so by automating the compliance auditing process to validate onsite event participation via print, photo identification, and/or signature identification.

Validu software provides onsite event monitoring sales as a service technologyValidu software offers date/time/GPS location/receipt image stamped flattened PDF logs for validated event participants that can be directly emailed to any reporting corporate repository.  This makes the integration with pre-existing systems seamless.   

Our philosophy is to put “Compliance in motion” by providing our business partners the tool to stay vigilant over their organization, in an efficient and cost effective manor.  Our mobile application and web based user interface allows Validu to work in real time with the representative as a living attendance auditing tool utilized at each expense event everyday, anytime, anywhere.

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Did you know?

Anti kick back fee's can hurt...........

The statute covers the payers of kickbacks-those who offer or pay remuneration- as well as the recipients of kickbacks-those who solicit or receive remuneration. Each party's intent is a key element of their liability under the AKS.

Criminal penalties and administrative sanctions for violating the AKS include fines, jail terms, and exclusion from participation in the Federal health care programs. Under the CMPL, physicians who pay or accept kickbacks also face penalties of up to $50,000 per kickback plus three times the amount of the remuneration.

Recent fines and fees have totaled more than $38 million recently assessed for anti kickback statute law infraction.

Majority of fines an penalties are assessed in civil settlements, while some have even ended in criminal litigation.