Validu Integration

Integration powered by Imagination

Integration Features

Company Integration

What makes Validu special is that it's accessible from any smart phone. Validu is available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. There's no hardware to obtain, no devices to setup, and no capital equipment purchase or contracts. Simply download and GO, start your monitoring program within 24 hours with 100 percent organizational event verification coverage.

Report Utilization

Upon event completion Validu will build a detailed meeting report with all details included in an easy to read format. Validu's verified event prospectus can be emailed directly to any expense reconciliation repository or corporate account. Validu is making monitoring events and completing expense reports easier than ever!

Staff Integration

Validu was purposefully designed to easily integrate into employee daily activities. Our mobile application allows easy access to monitoring any customer engagement conducted everyday, anytime, anywhere. Validu was designed by representatives for representatives with ease of use as the core of its development.