Validu Value


Value of Vision: Are your customer engagements in full sight?

Value of Vision

Corporate Value

Validu offers company security through fraud deterrence while eliminating wasteful employee spending. Around 14% of asset misappropriation is attributed to expense fraud and that doesn't include penalties for AKS violations. Validu eliminates this waste and protects enterprises against non-compliant behaviors.

Employee Value

For reps by reps, Validu eliminates the need to spend countless hours completing expense reports. By utilizing our flattened PDF prospectus, generated at the close of each event, employees don't have to enter every event detail and participant. Instead, they simply attach the Validu prospectus to each event and get back to selling.

Compliance Value

Expense inducement fraud can be very hard to spot, primarily because it's very easy to conceal. Validu ensures that employees aren't conducting sham events or reporting expenses for customers they never interacted with. Validu technology eliminates the risk of fraudulent expense inducement activity and wasteful employee spending.