Why Us

Welcome to Validu!

Why Us?

Validu is Mobile Event Verification Software.  Our technology is the first mobile event monitoring tool available that can validate the details of every event, anytime, anywhere!  There's nothing to buy, setup, ship, or train on.  With Validu you simply download and GO!

Accurate documentation and oversight has become a standard not an option.  Validu mobile monitoring is a pocket auditor for all your customer engagements, in 24 hours you'd have complete access to meeting security.


  • Mobile Accessability
  • Geo Stamped Event Report
  • Simple Attendee Sing-in
  • Easy Intergration
  • No hardware to buy, no setup, no up front cost
  • Monitoring capabilities are worldwide
  • Verify unlimited events everyday, any time, anywhere


Our mission is to provide the first mobile Event Verification Software (EVS). Validu provides security by reducing or eliminating reporting fraud, waste, and abuse. It does so by automating a mobile attendee check-in system for every event using unique identifiers for attendee verification (photo capture, electronic signature, and finger print signature authentication).

Validu Oversight

Validu mobile event verification software ensures meeting & event reporting accuracy utilizing an innovative attendee validation process and data verification system. Validu software offers a GPS, date, and time verified report that can be directly emailed to the corporate administrator and initiating employee; making the integration with pre-existing systems seamless.

Validu Security

Validu offers true data validation through verifying event attendees, GEO location, and meeting details. Validu customers know that all events being conducted are bonafide and fraud free. Our mobile monitoring solution can provide oversight into every meeting conducted, anytime, anywhere. Your access is ready within 24 hours, simply download and GO.