Why Us


Why us?

What makes Validu different from other auditing and security service providers is very simple, Validu eliminates fraud before it occurs!

Mission Statement: Validu monitors all customer engagement events. Validu provides compliance security by reducing or eliminating expense reporting fraud, waste, and abuse.  It does so by automating compliance via onsite event participant screening using unique identifiers for attendee verification through photo, signature, and finger print template authentication.

Product:  Validu software offers a suite for customers to have vigilance and transparency with onsite event attendee verification and complete event detail monitoring in real time.  Validu software also offers date/time/GPS/receipt image stamped flattened PDF logs for validated event participants that can be directly emailed to any reporting corporate repository; making the integration with pre existing systems seamless.  Validu business partners will be able to track individual activity and remain vigilant over reporting conduct.

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